ID Formation mains objectives are to make the most of  human ressources through vocational education and  training, increasing professional knowledge and skills, guaranteeing guidance and counseling to individuals, supporting job-placement and business start-up.

ID Formation is a Professional Office for Qualification of Training Organizations.

For 25 years, ID Formation has been active in Corsica working on vocational guidance.

ID Formation follows different objectives  like:
- Integration, working on project, orientation, support towards employment…

- (Re-training) and acquire of basic knowledge, of key competences,

- Qualification training, training on competitive examination for social works.

- Qualification that is to say training for paramedic, sale and secretarial professional diploma.

- Validation of acquired experience, give them the opportunity to know their professional experience.

Those actions are targeted a diverse group: job seekers, employees, disabled workers, welfare beneficiaries or youth (16 – 25 years old).