O3 - Innovative intervention program – test

I-YES project intends to reduce school failure by increasing student's academic performance through the improvement of classroom behaviour and social competence, the increasing of student's attentiveness, student's deeper commitment to school and the increased time devoted to school work.

One other objective of this project is to test new methods and tools to increase students’ skills to manage their social and emotional status in order to learn to focus its attention to productive tasks, to sustain motivation when work becomes demanding, to handle frustrations of sharing, learning and communicating with peers which depend on the ability to understand and manage emotions.

This report was developed under the Intellectual Output 3: Innovative Intervention Program - testing, of the I-YES project, it aims to present the results and conclusions of the testing of Intellectual Output 2: Innovative Intervention Program. According to the results collected in this stage it is possible to verify the reaction from students and trainers/teachers to the program and understand if some improvements are necessary, or what can be made to better adapt the program to the target group and improve its tools.