O3 - Summary innovative intervention program - test

This report was developed to present the results and conclusions of the testing of the Intellectual Output 2: Innovative Intervention Program. According to the results collected in this stage it is possible to verify what effect this testing had on trainees, if they perceived some changes in their behaviour or perception on social and/or emotional competencies. The analysis of reaction from students and trainers/teachers will allow us to better understand if some improvements of the Intervention Program are necessary, or what can be made to better adapt the program to the target group and its specific contexts in order to improve its tools.

The evaluation covers three aspects: the quality of the tool, the overall value of the training, and specific outcomes identified by the participants.

Within this report we will present the most relevant conclusions of the testing of the Intervention Program piloting. For detailed evaluation data, each national report can be consulted on the I-YES project website.