The main objective of I-YES project is to make young people actors of their course (school).

All work will be conducted by and for young people: their involvement at all steps of the project will guarantee success.


Want to learn more about the outcomes of this program?

This project aims to test new methods and tools to improve the ability of young people to:

Manage social and emotional status

Channel their attention on productive tasks

Manage their emotions in order to maintain a certain level of motivation

The European dimension of this project is to cover as many possible situations and thus ensure that the intervention program can be duplicated in other contexts and European countries.


First, it will be to get to listen to young people in order to clearly identify social and emotional needs they meet (by submitting questionnaires and organizing discussion groups).


Then, an intervention program will be developed. It will include with group activities and individual activities (including mobile apps) to give them the keys to success.


Finally, this intervention program developed by I-YES consortium will be tested and evaluated by young people to meet their needs.


A set of handbooks will be produced for teachers/trainers and for students and parents with detailed procedures and instructions to implement and organize activities foreseen by the School-based Intervention program.