I-YES project intends TO REDUCE SCHOOL FAILURE by increasing student's academic performance through the improvement of classroom behaviour and social competence, the increasing of student's attentiveness, student's deeper commitment to school and the increased time devoted to school work. 


The project also aims to TEST NEW METHODS AND TOOLS TO INCREASE STUDENT'S SKILLS TO MANAGE THEIR SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL STATUS in order to learn to channel attention to productive tasks, to sustain motivation when work becomes demanding, to handle frustrations of sharing, learning and communicating with peers which depend on the ability to understand and manage emotions.


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Regarding the GENERAL RESULTS, the I-YES project expected results are in line with the strategic framework for education and training (Education & Training 2020 - ET2020) with regard to the following objectives:

Improving quality and efficiency of education and training

Promoting equity, social cohesion, and active citizenship

Enhancing creativity and innovation

With reference to other European policies, recommendations and programmes, this project aims at:

Fostering inclusion of youngsters facing educational difficulties
Improving student’s academic performance
Enhancing young people health and social wellbeing
Promoting innovative practices in education linked to a strategic use of ICT tools and methods
Enhancing professional development of those working in the education field
Enhancing open access to new and innovative educational materials, tools and methods

I-YES project aims at improving and enhancing teachers and trainers’ performance to create better classroom behaviour where young people can improve attitudes and behaviours, increase their social competences, enhance their motivation to learn, deepen their commitment to school and increased time devoted to schoolwork.

In particular the project aims at increasing teacher and trainer understanding of:

HOW TO enable young people to express their feelings, emotions and behaviours
HOW TO enable young people to manage and live with their positive and negative emotions
HOW TO motivate young people to improve their academic performance and their commitment to school
HOW TO motivate young people to attend school and enable them to do choices about their future
HOW TO promote legality, values, respect for rules, well-being at school among young people

Young people will have the opportunity to test an innovative intervention program that will foresee group and individual activities to promote social and emotional student development.

The I-YES intervention program, according to research surveys and studies, will ensure that:

of students participating will enhance their academic performance.
of young people will be more accepting about others’ views and differences.
and more become more optimistic and think more positively.
will cooperate better with others.
and more of the students will learn confidence and how to have more self esteem
of the students will have a decreased aggressive behaviour.